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5 Reasons Not to Join iflix

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iflix is a global operation with a startup mentality. We thought you should know what probably won’t work.

Don’t join us if:

  1. You like structure.
    Being a startup means our organisation is ever evolving. You’ll have the freedom to design processes and most importantly, be part of shaping how the company looks. And, oh. We’re not big on hierarchy either. We’re one big team where everyone takes responsibility for their actions. If you stuff up, it’s up to you to fix it. Your “manager” won’t clean up the mess. We call this, “TOUGH LOVE”.

  2. You like doing only ONE thing.
    We think specialisation is dead. If you’re awesome at coding, hells yeah… do that (and do that well!). But there will be times when you’ll have to get down and dirty at an on-ground event. You’ll have to, GASP, interact with a crowd and not just your computer. Push yourself outside of your title. It’ll help make you a more interesting human being.

  3. You like having your own desk or office.
    Here at iflix, we have a ‘hot seat’ and doorless policy. So you’ll see the CEO sitting next to the intern one day, and the Tech team at the same tables as the graphic designers the next. Sometimes people don’t even do desks. They work on the beanbag or from the pantry. Feel free to be free. Just do great work!
  4. You think fun is the enemy.
    Work is work, but that doesn’t mean it’s all gloom and doom in the office. We have music pumping at The Playground (that’s what we call the office BTW) the whole day, and everyone has a turn to play their playlist – RnB, heavy metal, Thai EDM, Malay rock, hip hop, house music, 80’s, romantic pop, whatever! All genres are welcomed. Sing-a-longs and dance battles are encouraged too.

  5. You don’t like watching TV shows and movies.
    It is the heart of what we do. iflix is made of serious TV nerds and movie buffs. We bond over our favourite characters, we talk about the latest episode and we argue how story endings should be. Sometimes, it gets pretty heated. But we like it that way. It shows passion.

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