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ASPIRE @ iflix

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When an iflix employee realises their potential, everyone benefits: the individual, their team, and the organisation as a whole. We believe our employees are our greatest business asset and understand that they want to be challenged, engaged, and appreciated. So, we’ve created the ASPIRE Program to facilitate the development of key professional and personal skills in our people so they can enhance the value they add and ultimately achieve greater job satisfaction.

ASPIRE is a 12-18-month development program designed to continually increase the knowledge and core skills of each participant and equip them to tackle greater challenges and responsibilities and significantly enhance their performance. Delivered in a variety of ways ranging from external training, mentoring, and job shadowing in other departments, the ASPIRE Program facilitates cross-functional knowledge and experience with a focus on communication, persuasion, business basics, and people management.

The 10 female and 10 male employees chosen to participate in this ASPIRE Program journey will gain multi-disciplinary exposure and training that will be challenging, engaging, and, most importantly, fun. They’ll each be given a personal questionnaire that will help create an actionable and measurable personal development plan designed to incorporate their individual interests and career goals; this will form the roadmap for the training that will encompass both behaviors and skills.

Action learning through job shadowing across iflix’s departments will help each participant gain a broader business foundation and really get into the nitty-gritty and mechanics of what we do. Mentoring sessions will afford participants direct access to key decision-makers in different functions and develop management and leadership competencies like relationship building, creating accountability, and motivating others. This collaborative approach to working and learning will enhance participants’ understanding of all aspects of the organisation and result in more fluid structures and processes that will in turn facilitate more dynamic growth. The training will also include on-going project work as well as a team-orientated 3 Month Business Project that will afford participants the opportunity to present their ideas directly to the leadership team.

Ultimately, we wish to enhance energy and excitement in our business and help our employees realize their career goals. The ASPIRE Program is only one part of a broader initiative to enhance the future progression of all employees. It will help shape our future leadership and ensure iflix’s growth and sustainability for years to come.

– Emma, Global Director of Human Resources

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