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Be Brave: Then & Now

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Three months on the job – at the 2016 Christmas party in the KL office, I was given the value award: BE BRAVE.  I was on leave that day, so they handed my then-line manager a BE BRAVE t-shirt and my team members congratulated me on Slack, WhatsApp and email. At first I thought they were joking. When I received a personal message from Marc Barnett, our COO, to congratulate me,  I realised it was for real.

To be honest, I was a bit embarrassed and shy to receive the award, like I didn’t deserve it for being a newbie. The more people I talked to, however, the more I felt proud. The honour held a lot of weight at the Company and frankly, I felt badass to have received it.

Back then, I thought the award meant I was recognised for being brave enough to work with some senior stakeholders in my role as a recruiter and confident enough to deal with upper management. Being brave and confident was something that came naturally to me – I was always giving 120 percent.

A year in, I accepted a promotion at iflix – I was made an HR Business Partner and I was thrilled! But with that, being brave came to mean something quite different to me. I’ve learned to:

  1. Jump into the deep end, not test the waters with the tip of my toe first.
    At iflix – it’s take it or leave it. Did I want the promotion? If yes, own it, and just do it. Don’t spend months agonising over whether I’ll be able to do the job. Assume the role, take charge and make change happen.
  2. Accept mistakes and receive constructive feedback.
    Mistakes happen, and when they do, the feedback that follows is not personal. Having difficult conversations sometimes benefits my growth, both professional and personal.
  3. Ask. For. Help.
    This sounds so simple, but as an experienced recruiter, I struggled with this, initially feeling  shame for asking questions about the role, or processes I thought I should be familiar with. I felt low, unknowledgeable and like I was underperforming. But I learned to throw my inflated ego out the window and focus on how I can deliver and that meant seeking help when I needed to so that I can perform at my best.

These days, being brave means humility, welcoming a challenge, and appreciating that being a constant learner is the best way to push forward. Knowing how much my outlook has changed in just a year makes me excited and curious.

Signing off,

Hannah, your friendly HRBP


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