>Behind the Scenes: A VIP Family Football Experience

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Behind the Scenes: A VIP Family Football Experience

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Nothing bonds parents to their kids quite like a shared experience.

Not long ago, five lucky fathers and son pairs were treated to a special once-in-a-lifetime iflix VIP Experience during the first leg of the Shopee Piala FA‘s Pahang vs Perak semifinal.

Ahead of the match, the group got a full tour of the Pahang’s Darul Makmur stadium, including an exclusive locker room tour where jerseys were set up ahead of the players’ arrivals. Then, a chance to meet their idols as the teams arrived to warm up, as well as a chance to take photos directly from the sidelines.

“I have always been a loyal fan of Pahang FA, I have been a supporter since I was a small boy. I can’t contain my happiness and excitement at sharing this amazing experience with my own son, who is also a football fan,” said Faizal, who brought his 10-year old son.

With a perfect vantage point from the special VIP section in the stands, the winners witnessed an exhilarating match with Pahang coming out on top with 3 goals against Perak’s 1. Check out all the goals here.

Pahang midfielder, Mohamadou Sumareh, said there’s nothing more exciting than watching your favourite team with your father: “It is an exceptional feeling.  I was unlucky, because I didn’t get to do that with my dad because he was not a big football fan. I did not get to watch football games with him, but I wish I did.”

Sumareh encouraged more families to watch football together and cherish the shared memories of watching their favourite team live.

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