>Behind the Scenes on the set of Ombak Rindu

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Behind the Scenes on the set of Ombak Rindu

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The cat is out of the bag! Last week, iflix officially confirmed the start of production of a four-part Ombak Rindu miniseries, Malaysia’s biggest romantic drama adapted from Fauziah Ansari’s best-selling trilogy.

Eight years after the Ombak Rindu movie (based on Fauziah’s first book), iflix together with production partners Infinitus Entertainment will be continuing the story of characters Izzah and Hariz with the serialised adaptation of Cinta Tiada Akhirnya (Ombak Rindu 2) and Rindu Cintaku (Ombak Rindu 3).

What’s different? For starters, there’s a new star-studded cast for iflix’s Ombak Rindu miniseries, including Remy Ishak who plays Hariz, Izara Aishah who plays Izzah, Datin Diana Danielle who plays Mila, Hanna Aqeela who plays Elin, and Uqasha Senrose who plays Hazirah. Industry veteran, Osman Ali, who spearheaded the 2011 Ombak Rindu movie, returns to direct the series.

On set, the chemistry of the cast was off the charts. Remy Ishak and Izara Aishah had starred together in the 2015 film Pilot Cafe, which was also directed by Osman Ali, and the 2014 romance comedy Sejoli: Misi Cantas Cinta and the 2017 TV3 telemovie Siapa Dia Sebenarnya.

In iflix’s four-part mini series, the couple face near-unsurmountable trials of their love when dark secrets from the past surface.

Wondering when you can binge-watch this amazing new iflix miniseries? We are working to get the series on iflix at the end of 2019! Stay tuned!

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