>Anwar Ibrahim Breaks a Sweat | ‘Hot Ones’ Premiere in Malaysia

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Anwar Ibrahim Breaks a Sweat | ‘Hot Ones’ Premiere in Malaysia

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Turns out, Malaysia’s Reformasi icon and President of the People’s Justice Party can take some heat! 

As a politician, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is usually calm and composed. Not much fazes him. But the team at iflix set off on a mission to break Anwar’s cool composure with hot questions and even hotter satays in our Hot Ones interview.

In a uniquely Malaysian spin to the format made famous by First We Feast, iflix Malaysia will see both host and guest eat increasingly spicier satays instead of the usual chicken wings throughout the interview.

Confident that he could take the heat, Anwar was heard saying, “I’m from Penang,” a nod to the stereotype about Malaysia’s northern state population that can take their food extra spicy.

Despite a strong start, the political heavyweight started to feel the heat. Worn down after sampling several hot sauces, Anwar candidly shared his insights about jail, family life, politics, and the infamous 1Malaysia Development Berhad corruption case.


Check out the full Hot Ones interview on May 9, 2019, exclusively on iflix.

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