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For the Love of the Local Game

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It’s in close competition with food when it comes things that all Bangladeshis are passionate about. The game brings the nation together regardless of class or creed.

As a nation, Bangladesh is relatively new to the cricket community, but the country’s indomitable knack for the game has been around since the 1950s. Bangladesh has come a long way since then. As underdogs, it has beaten giants and climbed the rankings, proving themselves serious contenders in international competition. We live, eat, sleep and breathe Cricket in Bangladesh – we really do.

The recent Nidahas Trophy 2018 is a great example of that. It was one of the critical tournaments of the year where Team Bangladesh competed against the world’s two cricketing titans – India and Sri Lanka. The result? We faced India in the Finals but lost by a tiny margin. Nevertheless, it was probably one of the most beautiful matches the cricketing nation has ever seen! The nerve wrecking, heart wrenching game kept every Bangladeshi on their tones, praying desperately until the last ball, screaming our hearts out throughout every match.  And that’s the beauty of the game.

Even though the matches were held in Sri Lanka, the hearts roared for the Team Bangladesh thanks to live streaming. iflix was the digital broadcaster of the tournament and every game was live streamed exclusively on the iflix app and on iflix Bangladesh’s Facebook page.

The numbers speak for themselves. The tournament was iflix’s first live streaming event in Bangladesh where an average of 400,000 people viewed every match. Daily registrations for iflix skyrocketed over 700% per day, making a new registration record on the day of the Final.

Social media activity blew up too – Facebook was inundated with comments and questions about the matches, and streams averaged a total of 4.8 million minutes per match.

While these numbers on their own are impressive, the team at iflix is most motivated by what they represent; the raw emotion of 160 million people who love their cricket and their country. The capacity to deliver seamless, all-accesses match passes to these passionate fans who have shown unwavering support for their team is an inspiration. We may be redefining television for the next billion people, but we’re most grateful for the opportunity to cater to local demands for world-class cricket action and the chance to share the love for the sport with Bangladeshis everywhere.

– Arifeen, iflix Bangladesh

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