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Gangsters Hit the Road

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Organising a meet and greet session, followed by a screening of the first two episodes of iflix original KL Gangster: Underworld sounds easy enough, but a lot of hard work (and fun) goes into planning.

From early starts waking up to loud Bhangra music (our preferred morning alarm), getting work done in the train, and managing overexcited fans – our nationwide tour had some challenges. But there was also lots of eating, joking, laughing, and bonding along the way as well!

The four-state tour of KL Gangster: Underworld was a hit. There was something special about watching the iflix hit series on the big screen with a big bucket of popcorn!

Each of the four screenings at MBO cinemas in Starling Mall (Petaling Jaya), KSL City Mall (Johor), Elements Mall (Melaka), and Central Square Mall (Sungai Petani) were graced by the stars of the show. Lucky fans got to meet their favourites in-person during exclusive meet-and-greets and photo sessions.

But behind the scenes, there were hardworking iflix employees registering the ticket winners, managing the crowd, taking photos for the fans, and taking on the role as host!

The screenings were a massive success, prompting questions from the crowd, “When is Season 2 coming out?

Just you wait! In the mean time, you can catch the entire first season of KL Gangster: Underworld on iflix, for free.

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