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Go Straight to the Good Stuff

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We get it. You’ve probably tapped ‘Ignore’ on that low storage warning on your phone more times that you can count.

At iflix, we feel your pain and we listen. So we put our customer-centric problem solvers and engineers to work and this is what they’ve come up with.

Allow us to introduce iflix Mobile Web.

We’re talking all of iflix’s content without having to download the app.

It’s lighter, loads faster, and consumes less data and less storage. Did we mention it also allows you to skip the sign-in process to get you to great content faster. #winning.

Andy Paterson, iflix VP of Product

Andy Paterson, iflix Vice President of Product, said that the launch of iflix Mobile Web is “a significant leap forward aligning technology development to our vision of democratising entertainment for the mass market.”

Read the full statement here. But click here to see what we’re on about first hand.

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