>iflix & Twitter Announce Collaboration for Malaysian Football

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iflix & Twitter Announce Collaboration for Malaysian Football

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There’s no doubt that the mobile-first generation is the driving force behind most of the digital innovations you see today. In a first of its kind collaboration in Malaysia, iflix is collaborating with social media platform Twitter to power the live stream of more than 200 Malaysian Football League (MFL) matches to revolutionise fan access to premier football in the region.

Starting February 1st and continuing all season long, football fans across Southeast Asia will have direct free access to all MFL matches on all connected devices via Twitter on iflix’s state-of-the-art new Webview Player. What this means is that there will be no need for downloads, sign-ups or logins in watching everyone’s favourite teams battle it out on the field.

With a Twitter login, however, fans will be able to engage in the real-time commentary, interactive game-play, and featured polls via select hashtags throughout each match.

Besides live streaming matches, in a move to combine digital integration and innovation in sport, iflix will make real-time highlights, clips, and interviews available via Twitter Moments as an immersive – and shareable – football community-building tool for fans and clubs.

iflix Co-Founder and Group CEO, Mark Britt has called the collaboration “a massive leap forward for iflix in our mission to democratise football, Malaysia’s favourite sport”.

“Last season, we set out to return football to the people, the true fans of the game, who were denied access by expensive, monopolistic cable companies. We are so proud to be the first video streaming service in Southeast Asia to power MFL live-streaming technology on Twitter, and driven by the opportunity to liberate the sport and empower the fans.” Britt added.

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