>iflix Cup Gives Power to the Fans

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iflix Cup Gives Power to the Fans

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Football is one of the only things – besides food – that Malaysians truly hold close to their hearts. I mean, have you seen an empty seat in sight at Stadium Shah Alam when there’s a game on? Didn’t think so.

This year, iflix is building on its joint venture with Malaysian Football League (MFL) to bring you the first ever iflix Cup!

The first of its kind, inaugural iflix Cup will be a weekend-long football extravaganza featuring an intense football match between the Northern and Southern All-Stars, and is slated for mid-season.


 The best part?

The line-ups for both sides will be chosen by YOU. The fans.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Monteiro, says that the iflix Cup is meant to “give fans the power to determine the all-star line-ups” while also “indulging passions by heating up the rivalry between North and South”.

“Our commitment to bring football back to the people, and to bring fans even closer to the game, continues,” he adds.

More details on the iflix Cup will be announced really soon so make sure you stay tuned!

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