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iflix Does Good @ the Zoo

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This month the Malaysian Localization team took part in the Zoo Negara volunteer program. The aim of this program was to raise funds for the care and wellbeing of the animals at the zoo. The program also raises awareness as it exposes people to an opportunity that is normally not present in their, and our, daily lives.

The main activities included feeding and cleaning the habitats of the animals. Being a zoo volunteer is rewarding in so many aspects. Not only it is educational both from an animal care and natural history perspective, we also got to appreciate the challenges of operating and managing a wildlife facility. It is also empowering because we know we are able to make a difference in the lives of animals. They are already in captivity, so the very least we can do is help to improve the quality of their lives.

There is not enough workers in Zoo Negara. In one station, there were only five workers responsible for the care of several animals from several species. For example on the Savannah Walk, small groups of workers need to care for zebras, giraffes, ostriches, rhinoceros and many others, and they are grateful to the weekend volunteers who come to help since they are not able to handle all the tasks by themselves.

We were also very impressed with the workers at the zoo.  Their working environment is very different to our own as they have to contend with  unpleasant smells, the heat, and manual labour. It was humbling to see the workers do the noble and respectable jobs as  zoo helpers and without a doubt, their dedication to the job fosters a close relationship with the animals under their care.

Participating in volunteer programs at iflix is an amazing way to make a positive contribution to some great causes, as well as to build lasting memories with teammates. It’s also another way we live the Tao outside of the office.

Despite the heat and heavy tasks carried out by the team, we were all happy and glad to have contributed to such a cause. The experience was definitely refreshing and the team is already looking forward to volunteer again in the near future.

– Mashitah, Localisation Supervisor – Malaysia

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