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iflix Gives Back – Ramadhan Smiles for the Children

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In the spirit of Ramadhan, the Muslim fasting month, the Malaysian Localisation Team visited Rumah Asnaf al-Barakh, Keramat, a children’s home near Malaysia’s capital.

Rumah Asnaf is home to 60 children, aged 6 months to 18 years, whose families have experienced hardships, or who no longer have families to care for them at all. The Malaysian Localisation Team’s pooled resources, collected donations and visited the group home to alleviate some of the burdens, and to entertain the children with fun and games. 

The donations that were collected from Operations HQ were used to buy supplies and groceries, before the home was cleaned and food was cooked and shared amongst everyone when the time came to break fast.

The highlight – colouring contests and storytelling, where the Team learned a little bit about each child and had a chance to surprise them with gifts such as stationary, notebooks and book bags, and in keeping with the theme, the Team also held a small class, teaching the children in any subject they were interested in.

All in all, the humble gesture of giving back during the Holy Month was a benefit for the Localisation Team as much as it was for the children and plans for more similar visits are already underway.

Ramadan Kareem, everybody.

– The Malaysian Localisation Team

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