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iflix Hosts Open Day to Fill Creative Roles

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Here’s a sneak peek at iflix’s hiring process from iflix’s Talent Acquisition Specialist, Daniel:

With the rate at which iflix grows and the number of markets we are in, it goes without saying that we are always looking for great talent.

A typical interview process at iflix assesses a few things to see if there is a good match. Each assessment includes testing technical abilities, team fit, as well as how well aligned candidates are to our TAO and values. What’s massively important to us is a candidate’s passion and energy, two things that are key to being a successful employee at iflix – it’s tough work.

Followers on Twitter saw their opportunity to join the iflix family.


And where can iflix tap into boundless passion and energy? Fresh grads!

That’s right, all the fired up highly energetic graduates looking to venture into the world of work have incredible opportunities at iflix. So when the challenge to hire a dynamic team of creative video editors and graphic designers came up, we hosted an Open Day at iflix HQ in Kuala Lumpur.

Over a single weekend, iflix interviewed more than 150 awesome graduates. Some candidates scheduled their interviews whilst others just walked in on the day, some even driving for over 5 hours to get to us! An initial chat was followed by a technical test, and those that were shortlisted were invited for a final interview to determine if they had what it takes to thrive at iflix.




Were they Brave? Curious? Real? Simple? Playful? Well, 30 of them were and so we welcomed them into the iflix family.

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