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iflix Introduces Digital Badging

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iflix recently announced an ambitious, new initiative focused on encouraging, supporting, and recognising employee learning and development. As part of iflix’s internal e-learning portal, iflix University, employees that complete “courses” will receive digital badges that reflect the achievement as well as the acquisition of new skills and experiences.

“Our employees are multinational, driven people who are united by a passion for learning and a drive for self-improvement to further their careers and personal development, in addition to grow our business and better serve our customers,” said Emma Miller, Global Director – Human Resources at iflix. “Credly will enable us to produce digital badges which allow employees to receive publicly acknowledged credentials for their hard work and newly acquired skills.”

The initiative builds upon the company’s global investment in education and training programs designed to retain – and develop – talent in emerging markets. In addition to iflix University, the company recently also introduced the “Aspire: High Potential, High Performance” program, a highly selective, 18-month training program that teaches skills such as communication, persuasion, business basics, and people management which can be hugely advantageous for meaningful career advancement. Employees that complete the program will also receive digital badges through Credly, allowing them to share that accomplishment on their personal social and professional networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, employees that complete certain programs will receive blockchain-enabled digital credentials – adding an additional layer of security to the credential.

“Digital credentials are enabling savvy employers to create more transparent career pathways to not only help develop and retain employees, but to grow their talent pipeline. iflix is pioneering an entirely new paradigm for workforce training in emerging markets, while enabling employees to showcase what they know as they pursue careers within the company,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, Founder and CEO of Credly. “Digital badges will enable iflix to recognize their team members’ hard work and allow them to share their skills regardless of where their career takes them.”

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