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iflix Launches in Morocco!

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Are you looking for an accessible, easy-to-use, and unlimited entertainment platform at your fingertips? That’s what iflix brings to the table, well screen. Welcome Morocco, to one of the most popular entertainment platform s in both MENA and Asia combined!

Marc Barnett (iflix Group COO), Ihsane Moutaib (General Manager of iflix Morocco), Hassan Fouda (Director of Marketing, Inwi)

iflix offers users a HUGE variety of content, from the hottest Hollywood hits, tear jerking Korean dramas, Bollywood breakouts, to local delights from across the region. The best part, all of this and more is available for a small, nay miniscule fee with no strings attached. Truly, your entertainment on your terms.

“The goal at iflix is to empower an ever-growing and ever-connected population with ad free, quality entertainment which they desire”, says Ihsane Moutaib, GM of iflix Morocco.


Ihsane Moutaib – General Manager of iflix Morocco

Inwi, iflix’s exclusive partner in Morocco

Top telecommunication provider Inwi has signed, sealed, and delivered an exciting partnership with iflix, exclusively offering any ‘Club Inwi’ (subscriber privilege service) member 6-months full access to iflix with no holds barred.

This includes 24/7 access to iflix’s entire library, seamless streams, connectivity of 5 devices: smartphone, tablets, computers, etc. Members can also download and watch their favourite shows offline. Oh, did we mention 24/7 access to the ENTIRE library??!!

Fresh content, adapted to Morocco

Imagine watching a Korean blockbuster in Arabic or French. Now stop imagining, it’s a reality! Iflix is all about empowering local customers and the diverse cultures within the emerging markets the company operates in. We diligently localise local/regional productions, dub, and subtitle the movies/series you love to the language you want.

“Many more programs are actually being adapted to Morocco, in addition to our local Moroccan content acquisition strategy”, added Ihsane Moutaib.

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