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It may have started out as a streaming service for premium movies and TV shows, but iflix has evolved.

Entertainment is still at the forefront, but iflix understands the need for timely, reliable and relevant updates in an online environment saturated with fake, headline-grabbing click-bait. That’s why the Company has dedicated significant resources into the amalgamated distribution of trusted, editorially-sound factual content from renowned sources that encompass current affairs, financial and business reporting, world and local news. We call it iflix NEWS.

iflix NEWS regional partners will include CNN, Al Jazeera, DW, CGTN, CCTV 4 and more. iflix NEWS also features direct access to local linear news channels including CNN in the Philippines, Bernama News Channel, and KiniTV in Malaysia, Berita Satu and Kompas TV in Indonesia, Thairath TV and Spring News in Thailand and Mizzima TV in Myanmar. In addition to the linear channel offering, live news segments will also be available in short form format.

iflix Co-founder and CEO, Mark Britt said, “Technology has dramatically reshaped the news and media industries over the past decade. Audiences today, particularly the rapidly growing youth segments want immediate access to the stories and events that are shaping the world around them. Through iflix NEWS, we are working with many of world’s most trusted and reputable news sources, to deliver timely, comprehensive stories and current affairs to customers with an exceptional user experience, completely on their own terms.”


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