>iflix Tech Team Teaches Girls to Code

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iflix Tech Team Teaches Girls to Code

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A team of iflix volunteers helped teach girls how to code at SMK Kompleks KLIA,  a local Malaysian secondary school last week. The effort was part of the company’s initiative to promote gender diversity in the workplace by encouraging young girls to consider their futures in tech. The full day program was part of iflix’s Boosting Equal Talent (BET) initiative.


Together with partner MDEC (the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation), the team participated in the globally recognised Hour of Code event with over 100 students as part of the national #mydigitalmaker campaign.



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    […] iflix is keen on leveraging its brand and reputation as a trailblazer to be a catalyst that helps women affect lifelong change and maximise their impact on society. iflix previously worked with MDEC in Malaysia in a globally recognised Hour of Code initiative to teach school-aged girls how to code. […]

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