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iflix is full of creative people. There are quick-thinking problem solvers and out of the box thinkers in every department, all passionate about tackling some of the most pressing challenges to deliver exciting entertainment options to everyone in emerging markets. So it should come as no surprise that at iflix, the Creative Team  is one of the most well-regarded. The team happens to be an exceptional group of talented, inspired and technically gifted folks whose output forms a significant portion of what our customers see.

iflix’s Senior Art Director, Topet, recently issued a challenge to the entire team – iflix would take part in Inktober, a month long challenge that has participants doing one ink drawing a day. The objective for the team was to improve their skills, but also have a bit of fun along the way, and the results have been incredible.

Each day, participants were challenged with a prompt, open for interpretation, and asked to upload their creation on Instagram. You can check out the complete collection of submissions by following the hashtag #iflixinktober.

This month, the team has been challenged to create Vector images each day, so stand by for #iflixNovector!

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