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At iflix, it seems there is no shortage of opportunities for passionate, innovative and creative individuals to showcase the full extent of their talent. It’s safe to say that no one – or rather, no team – embodies this better than our own Creative Team. Not only does the team seamlessly create the stunning visuals support iflix’s video content, but they also revel at the opportunity to participate in a couple of month-long art challenges.

Fresh off the heels of Inktober, comes NOVector, a project created by our very own Senior Art Director, Topet Hidayat. Instead of ink drawings, participants were challenged to create one vector artwork a day for the entire month of November according to an open-ended prompt. As the challenge allowed an advanced array of skill sets and creativity, you could guess that the results were nothing short of amazing.

NOVector came into fruition 4 years go as a ‘just for fun’ project amongst Topet and his office mates. The movement gradually picked up traction over the years, and this year things have got official with the launch of the NOVector Instagram page @novector.official.

To show how much work actually goes into these incredibly intricate pieces, check out Topet’s time-lapse design videos!

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