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iflix Premieres First Original Documentary | Bangkit

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On May 9, 2018, during the country’s 14th General Election, Malaysians made history when the opposition coalition – Pakatan Harapan – ousted the ruling party – Barisan Nasional – to mark the country’s first change in governance since its independence 51 years ago.

The historic win came not only from the tireless efforts of the campaigning politicians but also through the strength and integrity of the Malaysian people – the rakyat. Told through archived news footage, social media content and personal videos from the frontlines and narrated by voting station volunteers, journalists, political analysts, activists, members of the public and political party members who actively experienced the elections, the film takes viewers on a journey that led to a changed nation.

Bangkit – 11 Days That Changed A Nation premieres exclusively on iflix on Wednesday, 9 January, for free. Watch it right now at: bit.ly/Bangkit11Days

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