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iflix insider: The Hirers

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Hannah Subki, Recruitment Ninja extraordinaire and all-round kickass chica, plows through a hundred resumes a day. If she’s lucky, a computer program would narrow down the pool of candidates, particularly if it’s a popular position. Then, she gets on the phone and spends the rest of the day interviewing the applicants she likes best. She’s witty, funny, and patient, but she knows how important her role is, too. After all, it’s on her to ensure that the next iflix employee is a perfect fit for the company’s thriving culture.

Here, she shares us what she likes most about working in human resources at iflix.

From Hannah:

1. For starters, we don’t have to lie about things.
We don’t have to embellish how there is space for growth for someone in the organisation, or about the culture, or how difficult a job is or can be. There’s no need to sugar coat our culture or working conditions, what we’re good at and what we’re not. We keep it REAL.

2. We write frickin’ badass job ads.
Forget lengthy job descriptions with jargon and unnecessary acronyms. We simply outline what we’re looking for, and it’s on you to tell us how you fit. We get to use words like “awesome possum” and “COWABUNGA” and get to refer to our recruits as wizards, jedis and magicians.

3. We hire people from literally anywhere in the world.
They just have to be experts in their areas, passionate and pumped to be part of the future of Pay TV.

4. Perhaps my favourite – There’s almost no paperwork involved in joining iflix.
Not joking. We’ve hired hundreds of people in the last few years but spared thousands of trees by working digitally. We love iflix. Mother Earth loves iflix. We’re glad our recruits do too.

5. We get to interact with candidates like they’re mates.
“Hey bruv, awesome CV! Did some minor LinkedIn stalking LOL, love your recommendations! So keen to have you in our team, any chance you have time between 3pm – 4pm tomorrow? I’ll call!” vs the old “Dear Mr. XXX, we are happy to inform you that your CV has been selected for a phone screening session with one of our interviewers tomorrow. Please revert on your availability ASAP and I will follow through with a formal outlook invite”.

We do all that we can to hire talented, hard-working and creative folks who share our values and appreciate the dynamic culture we work in, so it’s extra special when LinkedIn tells us our InMail response rate is double that of other Malaysian companies.

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