>More iflix Originals are Coming!

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More iflix Originals are Coming!

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If, like us, you’ve been utterly engrossed by the newest original drama, KL Gangster: Underworld, we thought we’d highlight some really wicked cool news – there’s more coming.

iflix Originals, whether they are comedy specials, docu-series, movies, TV shows or shorts, are time and again our best performing programs. That means people watch them more often than other shows, more times, for longer, and from the data we collect about viewership, we ascertain that people really, really like them.

And since we’re in the business of delivering the entertainment people want on their terms, we take that information and make calls on what to do next. After some data-crunching, we now think we know what our audiences want: MORE!

And this is the good news – more iflix Originals are coming.

We’ve more than quadrupled the commissioning slate for the next year which will see iflix adding at least 12 original television series and 30 movies, as well as exciting new programs centred around sports and music, including Malaysian football.

iflix is further collaborating with local celebrities and YouTube creators to produce a comprehensive collection of short-form Originals, branded iflix SNACKS. Studio 2:15, iflix’s dedicated short-form production studio is on track to produce a total of 2,500 individual episodes to be available on iflix’s newly launched iflixFREE service by the end of 2019, with an average 50 new videos uploaded weekly.

2019 is looking mighty good from here!

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