>On est rentrés en vie*

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On est rentrés en vie*

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Hello from the iflix Creative Team! 

A few weeks ago, 13 of us had a short team “gateaway”, as our Creative Director Charlene likes to say. She’s French. She says a lot of funny things. 

Our gruelling journey started with an escape from the office on a Friday afternoon. We loaded the cars and  headed towards Fraser’s Hill, a highland village in a neighbouring state, about an hour away from downtown Kuala Lumpur. On our way, our convoy was caught in a heavy thunderstorm and we could barely see out the window making for a stressful ride up narrow, winding roads. Even when the storm subsided, the danger didn’t as fallen trees littered the treacherous roads leading to our destination. It was an adventure, to say the least. 

On our first day, we decided to keep everything chill.  We settled into the apartment we were staying at, and after a quick search online,  discovered that the place was, supposedly, haunted. Great.

We’d driven far and the day was drawing to a close. It was a little too late to turn back so we decided to stay.

To relax, we played card games and Pictionary and then headed to a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant, finding it eery how quiet it was. There were very few people, and we felt we had the place to ourselves. Even the waiter seemed disoriented when we ordered, and we found ourselves taking down the order ourselves. Creepy.


The next day was filled with blood, sweat, and tears… literally.

Some of us went on a hike on nearby trails and came back covered in leeches, the removal of which led to a bloody mess.

At lunchtime, the team held its very own Food War – a competition amongst us to see who could stir up the best grub.

Meet the teams:

The playful chaos in the kitchen coming from all three groups actually did sound like a war. Somehow, we all managed to pull it together and serve some pretty good food. Just check out what we came up with:

After the shenanigans, the losers had to clean up, no matter how beat up they looked, and the winners got to celebrate. A little competition never hurt anyone.

We also had a barbecue that the same day, but not before having a stare-off with a bunch of wild monkeys that showed up out of nowhere.

We improvised with forks to mash potatoes, and some of us had a little too much fun impaling corn cobs with skewers, but the final result was delicious.

That evening, at witching hour, when most of us went to bed, three night owls engaged in a heated, yet respectful, game of beer pong. Everything was quiet… and creepy. And as the stray ping pong ball rolled towards the balcony, nobody was in a rush to venture in to the dark, alone, to retrieve it.


It’s safe to say that the iflix Creative Team is a tight knit group, and if this excursion proves anything, it’s that our cooperation and chemistry isn’t just professional. This trip gave us an opportunity to connect as a work family and, more importantly, to brainstorm our next team trip as well!


* The title translates to: We came back alive.

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