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A devoted wife and mother, like many women, Prajuna had put her career on hold to build a family. But she longed for a professional challenge after a 3 and a half year hiatus and sought out opportunities at iflix, fearing she’d have to explain the career break on her CV, like she had to do at numerous previous interviews.

Her (now) manager, Arvind, however, took no issue to Prajuna’s decision to step away from her profession. He saw Prajuna’s readiness to tackle a new challenge and welcomed the fresh perspective she offered¬† to the predominantly male team he led.

That opportunity was not lost on Prajuna. Today, she is a core member of the data engineering team and handles data quality and warehousing, and ensures that all ETL jobs run successfully to meet business reporting SLA.

To her team, she’s an example of a great cultural fit, living the company’s values as a collaborator. To herself, she’s an example of how far one can flourish with empowerment and support.

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