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1.     What’s your name?
Nourhan but iflix peeps can call me Nou.

2.     What do you do at iflix?
I’m the social media person in IFLIX Egypt, I also do creative copywriting and digital marketing briefings.

3.     Which office do you work in?
Egypt, The Center Court

4.     How do you live the Tao?
I’m a TAO Master and that’s a blessing!
I’m as REAL as Bat Man, the work-aholic kinda person whose family always comes first “Always and Forever”.
I’m the one who walks in flip-flops on a sunny day with a wild and natural look, no make up, as SIMPLE as it gets.
I’m PLAYFUL by nature always seeking the fun side of the world, true believer in the existence of unicorns.
Curiosity killed the cat, I think this is how I’m gonna die being CURIOUS, betting hard on those 9 lives.
Being BRAVE is what I like to call twisted, cause there’s always a way as long as you speak your mind and heart out. Loud and clear.

5.     How long have you been with the company?
I’ll be one year old on the 23rd of July, yupiii!!

6.     Which are you? The former or the latter?
The latter, meh… just the personal e-mail full of promotions and travel offers.

7.  What are you watching?
Currently, Once Upon a Time, The Originals, and How to Get Away with Murder. I’m head over heels excited for Legacies.

8.  What are you listening to?
Music, LITERALLY all kinds of Music.

9.  What country do you call home/Where are you from?
Brazil, in another life I’d be that Menina Latina.

10.  What’s something that surprised you?
Germany’s World Cup dramatic exit.

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