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1.   What’s your name?
Mercy but I’m known as Tetich

2. What do you do at iflix?
HR & Office Manager

3.Which office do you work in? 
Kenya ( Nairobi Office)

4. How do you live the Tao? 
By being Curious and asking 1001 questions especially if something is foreign to me.

5. How long have you been with the company? 
Since September 12th 2016

6. Which of the iflix values do you most identify with? 
Curious and Brave

7. What are you listening to? 
Old school music – Elvis Presley, am an old soul.

8. What country do you call home/Where are you from? 
Kenya, Town called Kitale in the Western Region

9.How many languages do you speak?
3 languages -English, Swahili and my local dialect Kipsigis

10.What did you hear or read this week that resonated with you? 
A daily devotion from one of Joyce Meyer’s books called ” Closer to God each day” it was about learning to love yourself.

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