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Mohammad Sadi Ataya | People @ iflix

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1. What’s your name? 
Mohammad Sadi Ataya

2. What do you do at iflix? 
Regional Manager – Content Operations MENA

3. Which office do you work in? 
MENA – Amman office

4.How do you live the Tao?
I think I live some values naturally, and some of them I learned through my work and dealings with my colleagues in iflix.
Be Simple: I always try to make things simple to understand, I try to solve problems in the simplest and easiest way
Be Real: I’m a straightforward man.
Be Brave: I try to take the initiative in things that people are afraid to go into, and I am not afraid that my hands will get dirty to reach goals and solve problems.
Be Curious: Curiosity is what led me to be part of iflix team :D, and I think curiosity is the main engine behind every step I take forward.
Be Playful: I’m not that playful guy , but I like to be surrounded by playful people.

5. How long have you been with the company?
1 year and 6 months

6. Which of the iflix values do you most identify with?  

7.Which are you? The former or the latter? 

8. What are you watching?
Documentary shows

9.What country do you call home/Where are you from? 

10.How many languages do you speak?
Arabic and English

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