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We asked Yuen for a selfie and got this masterpiece in its place. Behold!

1.What’s your name?

2. What do you do at iflix?
Marketing for Malaysia

3.Which office do you work in?
Malaysia office, in HQ

4. How do you live the Tao?
I’d like to think I’m straightforward but you’ll have to ask my colleagues to verify that.

5.How long have you been with the company?
More than 2 years.

6.Which of the iflix values do you most identify with?
BE REAL – keep yourself grounded, keep yourself aware, keep it real.

7.What are you reading? Would you recommend it?
I’m re-reading Harry Potter #4 – Goblet of Fire for the umpteenth time. Yes I would whole heartedly recommend it, especially over the movies.

8. What are you watching?

9.What are you listening to? (music or podcasts)
SEXUAL by Neiked

10.What did you hear or read this week that resonated with you?
Find 3 hobbies – one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to keep you creative

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