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In this week’s edition of People @ iflix, we’d like to introduce you to one of the OGs.

1.     What’s your name? 

2.     What do you do at iflix? 
Country Manager iflix Thailand

3.     Which office do you work in? 
Bangkok, Thailand

4.     How do you live the Tao? 

5.     How long have you been with the company? 
3 years 5 months

6.     Which of the iflix values do you most identify with? 
Be Curious

7.     What are you listening to?
GOT7 Eyes on You World Tour Playlist (it’s a KPOP band)

8.    How many languages do you speak? 
Just two Thai and English very well but given the amount of Korean series and movies I’ve watched, I can also understand a bit of Korean.

9.  Who was the most interesting person you met or spoke to this week?
A young artist and character designer who was pitching for a grant from Thailand Animation Association.

10.  What’s something that surprised you this week? 
That Germany, Portugal, Argentina and Spain are out of the World Cup

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