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Tech-Savvy Ninjas Invade iflix

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The end of highschool may be a daunting time for some students, but MDEC’s Digital Ninjas’ passion for digital making has fast-forwarded them to iflix offices for an immersive “real life” experience.

During the December school holidays, iflix hosted 60 of the brightest, most energetic SPM grads from around the country as Employees for a Day at the Company’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur as a part of the MDEC Digital Ninja Leadership Bootcamp.

The students received the full experience of what it was like to work in an ever-evolving work environment by conducting sessions that touched on some of our most important daily operations. These included elements such as data analytics, product testing, digital marketing and effectiveness, as well as coding, design and video editing.

iflix is proud to support STEM initiatives that work toward giving youth the power to pursue and engage in fulfilling careers in the tech industry. Just a few weeks before, iflix invited 25 school-aged girls to be Employees for a Day as a part of our Boosting Equal Talent (BET) initiative to promote diversity across our markets.

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