>The iflix Tech Talk in Prague Rocked Again!

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The iflix Tech Talk in Prague Rocked Again!

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Right next to the iflix Prague development centre offices, iflix held Tech Talk V2: HEAD in the Clouds. This time, as the title suggests, presentations focused on cloud computing and server-less technologies.

Right after the entertaining introduction from Hizam Sahibudeen, Head of Engineering for Czech Republic, came the deeply technical, though clear, presentations from our awesome engineers Martin Ducar and Steven Inskip (everyone calls him Skippy).

Martin took everyone on a tour of our 100% cloud company with a special focus on the AWS infrastructure & Kubernetes, whereas Skippy talked about migrating our systems to AWS Lambda and how the team was able to do more than what was originally documented.

After engaging with the 50+ attendees in a Q&A session, discussions and friendly competitions, everyone enjoyed the delicious catering where the debates continued. The feedback right after made it very clear how much the developers from all spheres found the event insightful.

Although the second iflix Tech Talk is now over, we are already preparing for the next one to make it bigger and better once again. On behalf of the iflix team Prague, we hope to see you there.

– Maxim Kozlov, iflix Tech

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