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The Importance of Data Visualisation

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Comprehensive data is one of the major gears that helps iflix function like a well-oiled machine. Without it, we would not be able to fine-tune the strategy for our iflix Originals or acquire new content that we know our audience would love. And one of the many ways we visualise and analyse data is with Tableau.

iflix Global Director of Data Analytics, Bruno Gagliardo, discusses how iflix utilises data visualisation in areas like localisation, engagement and partner performance here.

I think the value we can get out of data is something exponential. One data set gives you 1 to 10 insights. However, when you start combining data sets you get hundreds or maybe thousands of insights. You start to derive way more valuable information and leads.



iflix is a data-centric company. Data visualisation has become vital for teams across our business to carry out their functions. Our content team uses it to track the performance of different programs and identify the demographics of their core audience; the commercial teams are able to track subscriptions and engagement, while the country managers analyse the performance of iflix partners (such as telcos and distributors) in different regions. Throughout the company, data analytics are the driving force of our decision-making to optimise content and results. 

Check out the full feature article on Tableau here.

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