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Think Big. Act Small.

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iflix has launched Studio2:15, the Company’s all new creative production business for short-form video content, led by digital media trailblazer, Craig Galvin.

There is nothing revolutionary in the growing significance and role of short form content –  it is a natural evolution of the craft of story-telling that has been happening for eons. Story-tellers have always had to keep up with the best ways and means to share,  the changing behaviour of their intended audience, and the available technology, and they’ve had to adapt accordingly.

The shift of mobile from utility to entertainment device has rapidly transformed the way people consume content, as well as their expectations of what content they want to consume. Running parallel to this trend has been the knocking down of the traditional barriers – technology, cost and gatekeepers – to create and publish content. As a result there has been an audience demand for new, exciting stories, made specifically for new entertainment devices, and a significant increase in the capability for storytellers to create, develop and publish. This has resulted in a quantum leap in the volume of content for people to watch. Millions, if not billions, of pieces of new content of varying quality have been created, and the truly great pieces of story-telling have been left to find their audiences with a challenge to surface to the top.

Studio2:15’s role is to develop and identify those great stories and story-tellers for the ‘now’ generation and to get these stories in front of discerning audiences, whose time wading through mountains of videos could be better spent. The significance of short-form content will only increase as tech-savvy, time-poor and socially-aware audiences grow, demanding more entertainment they love, on their terms.

– Craig Galvin, Global Head of Short Form, Studio2:15

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