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What’s Been Happening in Your Own Back Yard?

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Coconuts TV on iflix – the bold and edgy new documentary series – spotlights Southeast Asia’s most weird and wondrous stories.



Sexy Time – Let’s talk about sex baby. Explore the many facets of how sex has shaped South East Asia’s modern culture, music, and society. Conventional, consensual, or condescending?

Marginalised – True grit, survival, adaptation, & passion – the formula to cultivate greatness. Follow the rise of superstars from historically marginalised groups within society, exposing the difference between who we are and who we want to be.

Needles ‘n’ Knives – Dive under the skin and into the depths of needle-sharing fisherman and unfold the deadly razor-sharp thrill of the famed balisong butterfly knife. Two different stories, two different kinds of highs.

Animals and Us – Unveil spirituality, mindfulness, and healing with a legendary horse riding, kickboxing, drug-fighting monk. Then explore a volcanic active region where nature knows no kings nor gives no mercy to the wildlife around it.

Wheels of Change – The only assurance in life is change. Follow the rise of gender equality in Malaysian motorsports and the demise of the iconic Filipino jeepney. Witness the evolution and how steadfast communities adapt to these fast times.

Birds and Bugs – Has anyone told you about the birds and the… bugs? Access the underbelly of Asia’s fascination for cockfighting, songbirds, and the renaissance of mainstream insect-eating culture.

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