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What’s your favourite four-letter word starting with a ‘F’?

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If you said FREE, iflix just took your binge-watching party to a whole new level with the launch of iflix 3.0 in Indonesia.


iflix just announced it’s FREE in Indonesia , an exciting evolution of the platform that will feature a Movie of the Day, iflix Snacks, and an endless Feed to satisfy your appetite, all at no charge.

But you want more?

By unlocking iflixVIP, you’ll also enjoy unlimited access to world-class content, including live sports, special events, and no ads.

But the party didn’t stop there!

iflix, Creative Economy Agency of Indonesia (BEKRAF), and the Indonesian Film Board (BPI) have agreed to co-produce five hyper-local Indonesian kids movies, too!

iflix invited Indonesia’s sweetheart and teen star Michelle Ziudith, the unbelievably hilarious Ben Dhanio and Reggy Hasibuan, and the entertaining Mustang Morning Squad,  and of course iflix Celebrity Partner, Ashraf Sinclair, to party it up and celebrate the great news.

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