>Why Steal When You Can Get It For Free?

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Why Steal When You Can Get It For Free?

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We at iflix believe in bringing viewers great content – from TV shows, to movies, sports and news – for free! Despite that, we still face a big problem in the form of piracy.

iflix has always viewed piracy as its biggest competition since many people still opt to watch pirated TV shows and movies through unlicensed streaming websites or by illegally downloading the programs, not realising what impact their actions have  on the filmmaking and creative industry.

A report from Digital TV Research suggests that revenue lost to piracy has skyrocketed from US$6.7 billion in 2010 to nearly US$31.8 billion in 2016. That figure is projected to hit nearly US$52 billion in 2022!

iflix Original drama series KL Gangster: Underworld  was a recent victim of piracy soon after its launch in August. We noticed several illegal copies of the series being published on streaming websites – despite the fact that the entire season was available on iflix for free. That is why we decided to launch an anti-piracy campaign to address the issue, and roped in the show’s amazing cast to raise awareness about this crime.

With the tagline “Bebaskan Malaysia dari cetak rompak” (Free Malaysia from piracy), iflix, together with KLGU cast and crew, made several social media posts to raise awareness about rejecting piracy, and to inform viewers that they can watch the series on iflix for free.

Our campaign reached thousands of consumers and even captured the interest of the media!

The fight against piracy will be an ongoing battle, but iflix is determined to win the war by providing consumers the content they are looking for on our platform!

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